About me
Here is a little something about me, so you might get a feeling for who I am.
I was born in 1984, went to a graphic design school for three years after my Abitur, so I am now allowed to call myself a „staatlich geprüfter Grafik Designer“.
I have a master‘s degree in communication ­design and have been working as a freelance Graphic ­Designer and Illustrator since 2010.
I have made some children books, comics, ­animated music videos, wine bottles and editorial illustrations as well as life 6-minute portraits at various events. So you might say I am a jack-of-all-trades.
But in my honest opinion, creating characters and ­character based illustrations is the thing I get the most joy out of and I‘d really like to ­focus on.
So if you see anything you like, and think I might be a great fit for your projects, don‘t hesitate to reach out.
Last fun fact though: eversince my girlfriend bought me a tiny bit of land in Scotland, I am ­allowed to call myself Lord of Glencoe, what I don‘t usually do, but isn‘t that awesome?

Sascha May
Lord of Glencoe

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